• Q:What is the maximum size of a single piece of nano touch foil?

    A:Technically speaking, a single piece of foil covers about 10" to 180". In terms of the liquid crystal panel size and market demand (currently, the size produced is mainly below 100 inches), UCN nano touch foil in mass production is mainly of standard size within 100 inches, which meets the mainstream demands. Besides, foil up to 180 inches can also be produced according to customers’ demands, but discussion will need to be made with UCN team about the feasibility of the project. 

  • Q:Which operating system platforms does nano touch foil support?

    A:Nano touch foil supports Windows XP, Windows7\8\10 (Windows32 and Windows64), Linux, Android4.0 and above

  • Q: Can nano touch foil be used on curved screen?

    A:Nano touch foil is flexible, so it can be applied onto any curved screen. Besides, it meets the range of radian requirements of curved screen in industry and market. 

  • Q:Besides glass, where can nano touch foil be attached?

    A: Nano touch foil can be attached to the flat/curved surface of insulating materials, and receive accurate touch effects, for instance, glass, acrylic plate, board, etc. 

  • Q:Can the control board of nano touch foil be dismantled?

    A:Yes, the main advantages of dismountable control board are that it is unnecessary to consider the damage done by water leakage on control board for the touch foil attached to glass, and when the control board is damaged, a new one can be replaced easily. Besides, the maintenance will be easier, and the operation cost may also decrease. 

  • Q:What are the differences on the nano touch foil produced by other company?

    A:UCN is an enterprise with the patent for the invention of nano touch foil. Regarding the nano touch products of other companies, there are only two possibilities: one is the integrated terminal product using our nano touch foil. All customer can call UCN hotline starting with 400 for inquiry and authentication while purchasing. The other possibility is the imitated UCN nano touch foil, known as “knockoff foil”. Nano touch technology requires long-term technological accumulation, and constant iteration and optimization, but “knockoff foil” can only copy the present or replaced older-generation products simply due to the lack of core technology, thus being unable to guarantee the sense of experience and stability. In the meantime, maintenance approach may not be available if there are problems in the post-use stage. Therefore, we recommend customers to make choice discreetly.