UCN touch display is an integrated touch screen made by IPS hard screen and nano touch foil as core parts. It can work as sensitive touch external display after directly connected with PC host, laptop or US-SCM. Not only applied for industrial control area, also can widely use as interactive digital signage, interactive guide machine, self-service machine, vending machine and touch products manufacturing so on.

Simple design
Exquisite craft

less than 4cm ultra-thin design, portable and easy-carrying

frameless flat design, improve the space level

Touch comfortable
smooth expericence

zero error, multi-touch, 1 billion precise response

Precise and steady processing even with large area water drop

Rich interface, easy to process

standard USB+HDMI/VGA interface

plug and play, easy for using

HDV display, Perfect picture

No chromatic?aberration at edge, Exquisite and clear color

178° viewing angle, perfect visual experience

Ultra-long life, security and stability

4mm tempered glass, anti-explosion, dustproof, waterproof, anti acid and alkali corrosion, anti-light interference

Sensor tolerable temperature -20℃ -- 80℃, wider range of application

UCN touch display was independently R&D based on UCN core products touch foil. It can be applied to exhibition and display, public service, commercial media, intelligent home, industrial control, medical and so on, it's the development tendency for future interactive products.
  • Touch Mirror
  • Touch Table
  • Interactive Display Table
  • Nano Touch Table
  • Touch Publicity Windows
  • Touch Display
  • BMW Touch Mirror
  • Interactive Table