Water-proof and anti-hitting, suitable for complicated outdoor environment

  • High Integration
  • Good Stability
  • Waterproof and Anti-riot

Nowadays, with the rapid development and further application of new round information technology (such as global internet of things, Internet, cloud computing, etc.), major reform and new breakthroughs are brewing up in the information development, and it has already become an inevitable trend to develop towards higher-stage intelligence. The country pays more attention to the construction of smart cities, which is reflected by various aspects. As a positive response to policies and out of the consideration of urban development, a batch of cities have launched the construction of smart cities in recent years. As a result, large quantities of high-tech and information-based convenient devices and technologies with nano touch, Internet of things and big data as representation, have been widely applied in the construction of smart cities.

In front of the harsh outdoor environment, high-standard and strict requirements are set on the safety and stability of man-machine convenient interaction devices. Compared with conventional touch technologies, the principle of nano touch screen is to put the nano touch foil below the surface tempered glass while it can still perceive as a touch sensor, so that the man-machine interaction could be done with the touch screen protected internally. Besides, there are no exposed part as well as mechanical buttons, so the life span is extended to 10 years. It has a flat and smooth surface, which is beautiful and elegant. Neither water nor dust on screen would impact the sensing component from taking in valid signal. The tempered glass on top of the foil has length of 4mm which is anti-hitting and therefore the product has a high safety factor. It is suitable for outdoor environment with complicated external factors because of its unique feature such as water-proof, dust-proof and anti-hitting which the other touch products are lacking of. As an indispensable core part of the intelligent terminal integration, it forms the second integration with specific frame and automatic sales of spare parts as a core component,and it can be applied to the large-scale production of vending machines. In addition,with the large-scale production of nano touch screen in small and medium sizes,its price is similar to the infrared screen.
The advantages stated above have affected on people's demand for touch terminals. Intelligent terminal products integrating the nano touch technology can be seen much often along side with the constant increase of construction of smart cities, and it will keep making our life smarter and better.
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This product integrates the nano touch foil, LED liquid crystal panel, industrial control computer host, related anti-interference parts, and tempered glass,It features the functions of touch sensing, display and computing. It uses 4mm tempered glass for protection, and anodized space aluminum for its edge, which looks flat, beautiful and graceful.