Conference panel, main theme of commercial office

  • Paperless Office
  • Remote Cooperation
  • Humanized Operation

In previous commercial office scenes, like conferences, training, business presentation, etc. Computer and cables were needed for showing texts and pictures. Connecting wires and connection tests were necessary before application for transmission, operation and displaying, but artificial intelligence is now changing the conventional office. Getting rid of projectors, projection screen and complicated connection wire, conference panel enters our working environment.
It is suitable for business presentation, conferencees, training, etc. Featureing one-key screen transmission multi-screen interaction, screen mirroring between tablet and panel, real-time recording, scanning QR code to download information. As a result, vagueness circumstances and cables wouldn't be appearing anymore during conference as well as other application situations.

Conference panels first appeared in foreign countries, introducing by famous brands such as Google and Microsoft. But due to the immature industry environment as well as the brand influence, the price was extremely high, far higher than the affordability of most SMEs, thus featuring a small market popularity. Benefiting from the research and development of nano touch technology, the cost of conventional large-size capacitive touch screen decreases substantially, and the high-cost-performance conference panel is no longer unaffordable. If artificial intelligence were the main theme of humankind in the future, conference panel would be the main theme of the business field. The real-time communication and interaction of brainstorm and remote coordinated operation in offices would increase the demand for numerous conference panels. Its strong functions will not only bring abundant office application resources to enterprises, but also support man-machine interaction and help reform the enterprise efficiency.
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It integrates the computer, television, projector and electronic white board, carries professional conference software, and realizes the intelligent access, intelligent management and intelligent presentation.