It integrates the computer, television, projector and electronic white board, carries professional conference software, and realizes the intelligent access, intelligent management and intelligent presentation, which not only overcomes the disadvantages of conventional conference rooms, for instance, -Unable to leave annotations or display multi-media contents, etc. but also resolves the problems of meeting efficiency and communication. It can be widely applied to places like meeting rooms, training rooms, receptionist, exhibition hall, office of general manager, etc. to realize simple but efficient user experience during the process of use.

Flat and Ultra-thin, Simple and Distinguished

Flat design, no borders, screen with black mirror effect, top class appearance.
Ultra-thin, fashionable, light and beautiful

Smooth Writing Experience

Nano touch technology, integrate tens of thousands of sensing units
Accurate and smooth touch, enjoy the process of writing thoroughly


High-definition Frame, Visual Feast

178° ultra-wide view, no color difference at the frame edge, delicate and clear colors, UHD display, enjoy the visual feast.

Wireless Connection, Efficient Interaction

Wireless screen to realize multi-screen interaction of mobile phone/tablet/computer.
Compatible and open, support to add/remove software resources manually.

    Safe and Stable, Easy Maintenance

    Uses nano tempered glass which is water-proof, anti-hitting and scratch-proof.
    Therefore it would look new after a simple wipe, which is easy for maintenance.

      Smart System,Easy Operating

      Android system, open platform , easy to operate, equipped with front module, providing full function buttons.

        Intelligent Management, Phone Scan Code & Saving Function

        Efficiently manage files and support operations such as encryption/compression.
        Provide VIP reception template, one-click scan code to save pictures.