With the help of nano touch technology, our product can keep the original appearance and function of tea table / dinning table, and at the same time become a super large pad to realize multi-user interactive touch operation on the desktop. Objects can be placed on its flat surface. Meanwhile, it is also water-proof, high temperature tolerant, solid and endurable. Secondly, there is in-built open software platform and it has rich interface. It also support Wi-Fi wireless internet access, it can integrate various industries and entertainment software, with recreational and business communication functions. It can being widely applied to catering places, recreational places and business office scenes, like restaurants, KTV, bar, high-end clubs, etc.

Smart Catering

It can be used as a common dinning table, and switched to a super-large pad, carrying intelligent ordering software/app, and back-stage management system, to realize the seamless connection between the catering industry and the "Internet".

Business Entertainment

Allow many players to play on same game, enhance the entertainment and interactivity. It is applicable for recreational places like shopping malls, cinemas, KTV, bars, clubs, etc.

Enterprise Meeting Area

It can be applied in the meeting area, business conference room, and VIP lounge. By displaying PPT, PDF, Word, CAD, videos, etc. it can further introduce projects to clients and facilitate the business cooperation.

Smart Home

It can be used in the living room as a household item, as an ordinary article placed on the tea table, or family entertainment center, for parent-child education and increasing the interaction among family members.