Software Introduction

Software Introduction

UCN Board is a kind of self-developed interactive teaching software, which innovates functions such as intelligent writing, five-finger erasing, teacher-student interaction, and classroom assessment, etc. Furthermore, the built-in multi-discipline teaching materials make the classroom teaching much more interactive and differentiated.


Basic Whiteboard

It supports various kinds of scribbling tools, like stamp pen, drawing brush, pencil, highlighter, etc.
It also have tools such as magnifier, being able to zoom in to see better.
There is also transparency scope which it is possible to adjust the parameter and transparency, so part of the test questions can be blocked.

Intelligent Writing

Mixed recognition of Chinese and English.
Support multi-disciplinary handwritten formula, both math and chemistry formula can be recognize
It is also possible to transfer hand-written circle, triangle and square to standard figures.

Multi-disciplinary Application

It provides choices to switch between different subjects, which the teachers would be able to use any corresponding tools or figure quickly.
There are massive teaching resources ready inside the machine, it is possible and easy to present historical figures in images and texts.
There are also various kinds of drawing tools, graphs can be dragged and drawn.

Teaching Interaction

Teachers can interact with students, and students can answer questions by pressing a button in class.
Exercise contents can be transferred back for analysis, to realize paperless tests.
Question bank and articles can be transferred between student and teachers easily.